Wednesday, 10 December 2014

I Am Consciousness

Each man and womb-man stands as sovereign adjudicator over his or her actions in full personal responsibility and liability, expecting nor anticipating any saviors, and realizing that all "salvation" comes as an extension of one's own actions.

ie: When you behave in full responsibility and liability from a pure heart, you never need to be saved. You become your own salvation! (past tense)

Cause and effect.

"Seek nothing outside of yourself." - Lord Gautama Buddha.

"I Am That". ie: I Am Consciousness (supreme being) manifest in this physical form in this now moment of space and time - as Is the bird chirping on the tree outside, as Is the tree and all the wild grasses and infinite numbers of insects and microbes who live under the tree... All Are physical biological manifestations of I Am Consciousness. The same is true for the car driving past my house on the street with all of its multitudinous mineral parts including the combustion firing process within the engine and including  the carbon monoxide that comes out of the exhaust. These Are all physical mineral manifestations by whose very existence and presence implicitly states: "I Am Consciousness".

All exists because Consciousness is holding all of these cellular compositions together. There is no existence outside of Consciousness - neither in cellular structure and integrity nor in sentient animation. How could there be?

How could there be?

Without Consciousness inhabiting all, there is no existence.

Consciousness is in the unnoticeable whir of my computer box (sound waves), is in the small coffee table beside me, is in all of the space between the atoms darting around inside those wood cells, is in the composition of the ceramic cup that sits on the table.

Consciousness is in the rumble carried on the air and underground - the sound waves and earth vibrations from a train passing at a mile's distance. Consciousness inhabits and animates all !!  

Everything !!

All is filled with the life sentience of Consciousness. It fills even inanimate insentient objects and matter.

"We Are", only because of "That". Note: An attribution of feminine or masculine qualities or epithets/genders is redundant so in English language, we end up using words normally attributed to the inanimate. "It is That" is not inanimate. Neither is it male or female.

WE ARE (in and of) THAT.  This is our fundamental construct - biological and sentient. 

We are!

Note: Please don't erroneously confuse a conceptualization of (1) Consiousness superset with all of creation inside it, against (2) a supposed self-conceptualization of myself, created object, who is attmpting to claim: (1). That is absurdity.

Consciousness is made manifest within all in this now moment of time and space.

YOU ARE  a part of the "all".

Therefore:  I Am Consciousness - You Are Consciousness.

How can you and I not be?

- Bronny NZ

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