Monday 14 July 2014

Ascension's Song

by Bronny NZ

I had a very strange dream on Sunday morning... I only remember the last bit of the dream. I was with a couple of friends in a room... I was very excited about something but couldn't get the words out. One of my friends walked away and the other persevered with me until I got my story out.

What I told her was amazing... And I really can't do it justice here   

But here goes...

: : This world is not real. A cloud-like substance, like a shield, a cloak, or a veil is covering over this world. We can not see what is REAL - that beautiful experience we were actually supposed to be having and was always our destiny...

: : Fun. Pleasure. Creation. We have come here to CREATE. 

: : There are very few places in the huge, expansive Universe where an Eternal Being of Light can go to experience materiality, go to experience itself in a skin suit; to play with emotion, play with physicality, and manifest materiality through our hands and with other skin suit beings through acts of unity and visualisation. 

Manus = hand in Latin. Festo = to profess or speak. This is "manifesting". 

: : This is what we've come here to do - to enjoy this playground, to create with our hands the things we visualise and talk about. As an eternal Light Being (our natural state) there's really no need for us to turn Energy into Matter. That's what we've come here to do. THIS is the experience our Soul Beings have been seeking. It's ALL here. But we just can't see it for what it is from our Earth-bound perspectives. 

: : This Earth Experience is so very different to everywhere else "out there". But we squander the experience and all we keep creating is Pain.

: : Something happened a long, long time ago, I continued. I don't know exactly what... But after that, the TRUE REALITY got hidden and people began to accept the illusional as real. This state has not fundamentally been harmful to Soul Beings. In time, it will be laughed at and accepted as a joke we decided to play on ourselves.

: : Humanity WANTS to keep this place a reality. Us humans have active little minds and we love creating and recreating DRAMAS. We especially love tragedy... and aging and sickness. So we all create these situations for ourselves, both individually and collectively. We really enjoy those feelings in our bodies of deep emotional outpouring. We have a real addiction to it. And it's this that keeps us fixed here in this material realm. That's all that's keeping us here.

: : But it's NOT REAL. NONE of this is real.

: : The Collective desire is so strong for these emotions and THAT is really what keeps us here.

This Collective Consciousness 

experiences the Dream as Reality

The Collective Thought 

keeps that Dream alive.  

If we change our Collective Thought

we change our Reality.

: : Until we all get to grips with this, we will keep on with this cycling of The Dream.


: : And we keep re-creating it every day of our lives - at home, on our TV sets, in all the insane travelling we do - trying to 'get somewhere', in having ego-driven relationships, by having to continually strive for money - incidentally, a system we never agreed to.

: : We need simply to intend that "The Drama" is getting boring... And that we're ready to stop being little sleeping babies. We are growing up...

It's all happening VERY QUICKLY !!

Image source: Nothing is solid

At the end of me telling my friend this story, a well of Energy came up inside me and I started singing this most incredible powerful song....

And the words of the song were so powerful and vibrant and full of the Truth of who we are and what this world is, that my friend started singing with my song, then took over a verse that she improvised right there on the spot, like i'd been doing...

And she sang SO POWERFULLY !! Like i've NEVER heard her sing before !!!

And I just smiled as she sang and joined her verse with a backing harmony, and we sang together so powerfully, KNOWING the Fullness of what we are supposed to be experiencing here on Earth...

And the sound of this incredible singing drew people into the room... and the dissolving of the cloak, the "dream mist" began... It began to dissolve in that moment ...


When finished writing this story, I looked down at the clock on my computer...


Ok... So That's not a strange co-incidence, or anything...

The only way I can describe the song I sung with my friend is by showing you two songs.

The Ascension Song combines the Strength and the Passion of the Nevena Coneva song and the warmth of friendship in the second song. The whole song is sung in full gusto. It's amazing !!

We ARE that Song.

This is the Battlecry of FREEDOM we send out around the World...

The Time has ARRIVED. Humanity is claiming FREEDOM.

Music Idol - Nevena Coneva Final

Uploaded on Dec 26, 2007

This is the final performance of the winner of the Bulgarian Music Idol. This is the folk song "Izlel e Delio haidutin" which is recorded on CDs and is on the spacecrafts Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 as a message of the mankind to other civilizations.

If you want to know more about this folk song and the 17th century rebel leader Delyo please find more information on the link below.  Thank you.

Charice And Celine Dion September 15, 2008 Because You Loved Me Duet

Uploaded on Sep 21, 2008


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Andrew. We ARE singing the Ascension Song all together... and we are shredding the mists of the Veil that has been thrown over this world. Humanity is SEEing !! : )

  2. Music is pure energy on Another level, which is the reason behind Church Music and so on. It creates alot of energy for whoever can use it. About the blue image used above, that is pretty Close to how it looks like when you are downloaded into this reality! Love it. <3 Angelica

    1. Nice. Thanks. Good comments of confirmation. I'm a singer :) I've been trained in classical singing (opera) and have sung with a few bands along the way - pop, indie, Irish, gospel, country, blues, jazz... I play flute and teach improvised heart-song... free-form. I've also done university-level music composition to year 2. So I know exactly what you mean Angelica ;) I've no doubt this in part is why I had a dream about singing! Nice info about the blue colours. Have you ever heard of or seen before, "the creation space"? - The space of indigo midnight? ;)

  3. For many years I was leading ceremonies and the first years singing the most known and used songs in that kind of ceremonies.. And then one night I realised that I did not want to be juxe-boxing... The tremendous power that comes from connection and the heart is unique and always in here and now.. And so since then all the ceremonials kinda became bonnfire singing songs but no depth and no connection... the only songs I keep using are Lakota ceremonial songs, they make all sence.
    daniel wambli washte x